Scrum for Team System Guidance / Version 3

Version 3 (TFS 2010)

Scrum for Team System version 3 for Team Foundation Server 2010.

This version of the Scrum template makes use of latest features of TFS 2010. This includes full compatibility with Microsoft Test Manager and use of named links to give a verbose structure to the work items.

For help getting started see:

Also included in this release is the most advanced Event Service we have ever produced. This offers complete customisation options and handles the vast majority of linked work item updates. The event service makes the SfTS version 3 template the most advanced scrum template availbale today and it's all free!

A whole new suite of reports has been created for version 3. These include some never before seen scrum reports, including multi team and hours to story point burndown comparrisons. See the reports listed to the right for more information.


  1. Fully modelled project life cycle for project tracking and planning.
  2. Support for practically any setup of team / teams.
  3. Work stream control for multi team cadances and enterprise level projects.
  4. Automatc roll up of project planning data to clearly display the workloads.
  5. New feature tracking work item model.
  6. Complete integration with Microsoft Test Manager.
  7. Acceptance Test Driven Design.

Need help getting your project set up?

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Feature Tracking:

Feature Tracking Work Items


Life Cycle Tracking:

Life Cycle Work Items