v2.2 -> v3.0 Upgrades

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Considering there is no upgrade path to V3 I am contemplating performing the upgrade manually. The requirements for the upgrade are that all new features work and no history is lost.

I plan to:

  1. Rename the Sprint Backlog Item to Sprint Backlog Task
  2. For each work item type, note the V2 fields on the work item.
  3. For each work item type, import the V3 WIT into my project
  4. Alter the definition of each work item type to include the old V2 fields.
  5. Use Excel to move the data from the V2 fields into the V3 fields.
  6. Remove the V2 field definitions from the Work item types


  1. Use witimport to create the work item categories (to get test manager running)
  2. Manually configure SSRS to define all the reports, copying the V3 structure
  3. Manually create all the team queries including their folder structure in Team Explorer

I'm worried about:

  1. In V2, PBI time remaining was automatically updated when work was done on an SBI. I'm not sure if this will automatically work after I've done all the above steps. I suspect that there will be some missing config that I will need to reverse engineer from the V3 process template.
  2. My team project says the provess template is V2 - I'm not sure how to update the project so that it thinks it is V3
  3. All the things I haven't encountered/thought of yet.

As a final place I would like to be in a position to be able to automatically install future updates to SFTS V3 without any problems, and I would like all features working.

Can you think of anything I'm missing, or where this plan might fail?

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I've decided that the effort required and the potential side effects are too great to perform the upgrade manually.

I'm going to start a new team project and migrate my PBIs across. My only concerns now are the migration of Conditions of Acceptance into Acceptance Tests, so I plan to make a new field to carry this over.

Mission aborted.

Author: barthoda (0) Created 5/28/2010 1:34:18 PM  

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V2 - v3 project migration is a paid for service offered by EMC Consulting. For more information please contact ScrumforTeamSystem@emc.com.


Author: crispin parker (1010) Created 6/1/2010 10:42:24 AM  

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Hi barthoda,

I'm going through this painful activity. The way I did:

1. Setup hardware and software

2. Restore TFS 2008 databases on SQL 2008 instance.

3. Run TFS Upgrade wizard, it will convert projects to new upgraded collection.

4. Now challenging part,  carefully change work item xml files. Also, import new XML files. You can download file from this link and modify it or, email me.


5. I'm in process of migrating reports, queries, warehouse and sharepoint:




Author: manishkj (70) Created 6/5/2010 12:30:45 AM  

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