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We use the v2 scrum templates in MOSS 2007 and are now in the process of moving to different servers/domains, etc.  We'll be upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010.  We've got our main SP site upgraded to 2010 (using the mount_SPContentDatabase database upgrade path) and would like to know the best way of migrating the TFS site collections.  I was hoping to do something along the following lines:

  1. Migrate v2 site collections to sharepoint 2010 using the mount_SPContentDatabase command
  2. install TFS and the v3 Scrum template
  3. Create new TFS projects, Migrate Work Items

 I ran into a problem in step 1.  When I run the test_SPContentDatabase command, it states that the Scrum Template doesn't exist.  I installed the 2010 site template manually as instructed here, but this site definition has a different ID than the v2 site definition, therefore I get the same warnings.  Has anyone migrated v2 sites to SharePoint 2010?  Also, just to be clear, at this point, I'm not even talking about the Work Item or Source Control portion of TFS, just the SharePoint site collections and the documents, wikis, lists, etc that we built up in them.  Thanks!




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Hi Aspears,

Sorry to say I'm no expert on SharePoint (on purpose!) so I don't know how best to accomplish this. Is it not possible to export the documents from your old v2 site and then add them to a new v3 SarePoint site?

Also, the SfTS v3 installer does not support SharePoint 2010. So you will have to manually deploy the v2 SP template as described in this blog post. You may also like to read this blog post by Richard Fennell as it includes a fix.



Crispin Parker,
CMP Software Limted.

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Thanks for the response.  After doing some research we found that the SPContentDeploymentWizard did what we needed in copying each list to the new SP site.  At this point we are hesitant to go with the v3 template in TFS2010 because of its lack of SP2010 support.  We got it installed, but determined the workarounds for getting a working SP portal was not worth it for us.  Any idea if/when SP2010 will be fully supported?

Author: aspears (0) Created 6/24/2011 1:41:18 PM  

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