Does SfTS Replace MSF 5.0?

Author: Richard Lee (0) Question Resolved

Hi there,

I am just about to start some work at a company who have SfTS installed and I was wondering if SfTS is a direct replacement for MSF for Agile Software Development Process Template or it can also be in addition to?

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Created 7/21/2010 5:07:59 PM Last Update 7/21/2010 5:31:59 PM


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SfTS is an alternative to MSFAgile. I recently wrote a comparison blog between SfTS, MSFAgile and TFSScrum. I suggest you take a look.



Author: crispin parker (1010) Created 7/22/2010 12:57:32 PM  

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Ok thanks for the heads up.

Author: Richard Lee (0) Created 7/26/2010 4:52:07 PM  

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